new music from Semaphora is here

Sister Administrator: a look at the influence of technology on modern society through the lens of religious imagery

AKA ten songs about computers and stuff – featuring songs about the invention of plastic, Clippy the Microsoft Office assistant, and Animorphs #19

jazzy/indie/prog/rock, sounds like: Steely Dan in Adventure Time cosplay, 10,000 Maniacs giving a TED talk, or Leonard Bernstein’s tiny desk concert

now exclusively on Bandcamp

Another December release, we are still absorbing a lot of the musical and thematic pieces of Sister Administrator, but it’s a spectacular record, and one that is spectacular from the get-go. Laden with dense, intricate musicianship and soaring vocals, Semaphora’s music is as great as its ever been on Sister Administrator, the band’s second album. While Lydia Arachne does songwriting and arrangements herself on the record, it takes a full ensemble to approximate what you hear on the record. It’s heady if you want it to be, or relaxing if you need it so.

-ctverses.com, read the full review

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